Project Life – it’s catch up time

I’ve stalled with Project Life.

Somehow I went all gung ho for the first 3 weeks and then…


Well, half of week 4 did get done.

And I AM keeping up with plenty of regular photos and jotting down notes and things which is good. I’m using the Day One app on my phone  and it’s quite handy. Most of the time I add a quick photo and then I write in shorthand. Even just one sentence or a single word will jog my memory when it comes time to do my journaling. And I am still using iCloud which means all my photos are at my finger tips without having to sync phones to computers etc.

Here’s a sample of a random page on my Day One app timeline. I can then click through and see the photo and any notes I have added plus the weather, location and time and date.



Plus I’m maintaining my photo a day challenge by using my Project 365 Pro app on my phone. It makes THE BEST little monthly overview photos of each photo I have taken. Here’s my March photo a day collage.


and then on Monday..BIG DAY…

My very first Project life Studio Calico kit arrived. I have waited and waited (as have most other Aussies) for ages for this kit to arrive. I added my name to the waiting list waaaay back in December last year and finally was notified that I would receive the March kit as my first one. Apparently it shippped on 1 March. And took over SIX WEEKS to get here. I had already been billed for my next kit and I was still waiting for this one to arrive. I will admit I was frustrated and ready to cancel my sub but wanted to wait and see what this one was like before making any decisions.

It certainly does come nicely packaged.


And was much smaller than I anticipated. Small enough to be delivered with our letters in our letter box and not delivered as a parcel.


and inside – lots of kraft coloured shred..


And loads of goodies. Theres mini stamps mini letters, washi tape …


And a truckload of journaling cards…so many.


It IS a lovely kit. It WILL come in handy when putting together my pages. It IS value for money so despite my frustrations with waiting for the kits to arrive I have decided to stick with my subscription. For now anyway.

So now I am all set.

I have no excuses.

It’s Project Life catch up time.



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4 Responses to Project Life – it’s catch up time

  1. Tamar 17 April 2013 at 1:50 pm #

    Good Luck! I just caught up 12 weeks- yep 12 hello? How quickly is the year passing ?? You can do it Kim!
    Tamar x

    • Kim 17 April 2013 at 4:01 pm #

      Yes the year is passing quickly. i am not even sure what week we are up to!!! What an exceptional effort catching up 12 weeks in one go!

  2. Donna 25 April 2013 at 8:51 am #

    I couldn’t keep up doing a week at a time. I do a month, and technically the photos MAY not be in exact order, but it’s an overview of each month for us. I have to say I am LOVING project life, only wishing I’d started earlier. It’s such an amazing concept. I even caught Josh (14) sitting down looking through the album the other day. That’s worth it in my eyes… Good luck Kim. You can do it.

    • Kim 26 April 2013 at 10:46 am #

      Hi Donna – well done on keeping up with PL – even if its monthly, its still capturing your life and documenting the every day..

      I think its fabulous that Josh was reading your album and a classic example of why Project life is such a great thing and so worth the effort.


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