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With my December Daily all done and dusted it’s time to dive into Project Life 2013.

I tinkered with Project Life this time last year. I didn’t get very far and it was over for me before it really began.

I am not too bad at keeping bits and pieces like text messages, iPhone photos and memorabilia. But everything is all over the place! I have photos the kids have texted me saved to my phone. School newsletters and awards stashed all over the place, birthday cards shoved into a drawer and photos saved to iPhoto or still stuck in limbo on my iphone. And all sorts of mementos stuck to the fridge door for safe keeping!

For me, Project Life means two things:

  1. I can finally store all those little life bits and pieces and stories and photos in the one place.
  2. It’s a chance to document our year in a SIMPLE format without the pressure to create detailed, embellished, multiple scrapbook layouts using a ton of product. It’s the chance to get creative and still sorta scrapbook, BUT the focus is on the stories and photos and not the product and that is the perfect project for me. And it fits perfectly with my “simplify” word of the year.

I have delved deep into the Project Life world these past few weeks.  I feel quite excited to be part of this. It’s like a new little club filled with other like minded people. I am reading blogs, scouring Pinterest for inspiration and eyeing off some beautiful ideas on Instagram. I’ve joined a facebook Project Life Australia/New Zealand group and I’ve swapped ideas with online friends also doing PL this year.

This package arrived first thing Monday morning.

I ordered the Photo Pocket Page Protectors pack 2 which contains 40 Style A and 20 Style D protectors from Craft House in NZ. FAST, fast service! I was pleased.

I didn’t want to fuss too much with a multiple of styles of page protectors. I want to keep this simple and manageable or I know I will abandon the whole thing or worse, it will feel like a total chore I HAVE to do and I don’t need that obligation or pressure. I want this to be fun! And sticking with just the two types of divided page protector styles will mean each week is a similar layout and that will make it easier to choose and print photos. That’s the plan anyway.

I also picked this album up at Spotlight for 30% off. It’s an Amy Tangerine ring bound and as it’s manufactured by American Crafts, the rings are nice and secure and the pages don’t get snagged on them like some of my other albums. It’s probably not my first pick as far as the cover design goes but it will do the job.. and its good quality..but the price at just $22 was the drawcard for me.

I didn’t buy a specific Project Life kit. I am hanging out for this kit by Liz over at Paislee Press as it’s just the style I am going for with my album – clean, simple and muted tones..but it’s not released until late April/early May so I will have to wait.

So I have been busy finding free links to printable journaling cards and I have bought some digital things from The LilyPad and used some of my stash to add some minimal embellishing. I’ve also bought a few bits and pieces from a couple of Etsy stores..including these washi tapes from The Stationery Room.

And the free 2013 calendar printable download was from the blog which you can find here.  I just printed the whole thing onto an A4 sheet of cardstock..and then will cut them out as filler cards for my album.

So. My cover/title page is done. And my spreads for weeks 1 and 2 are also almost complete. I will share once I take some decent photos.

My Pinterest account is filling up nicely with new ideas. I’m following some new Project Life people on Instagram. And all in all..this is going GOOD!

Are you doing Project Life? I wanna seeee. Link me up to your blog or gallery in the comments section so I can take a look…





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3 Responses to Project Life | Getting Organised

  1. Monique 16 January 2013 at 11:18 pm #

    I have decided to do this – but only ordered the sleeves. Going to use up my stash of stuff. Going to do it my way, no pressure – just do it. Will be interesting to see what it is like by the end of the year

    • Kim 16 January 2013 at 11:20 pm #

      Oooh…well all the best Monique. Thanks for popping in to say hello..

  2. Nat Mardon 20 January 2013 at 2:22 pm #

    I’m doing it too Kim! All excited and been Pinning all sorts of freebies and design ideas. (although it does do that for you!) My problem is where to start! I’ve started on a 2013 album, but wanting to also work on 2012 and Malachi’s baby album simultaneously (family albums I’m doing monthly instead of weekly). Looking forward to seeing yours as the year goes on. Now, I must go do a blog post about it too.

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