Making Project Life so much easier!

I am in love with this handy dandy little photo processing gadget.

Introducing my new little Epson PictureMate. And no this isn’t a sponsored post – just a post about my new found love!


I haven’t ever been totally, absolutely satisfied with the photo processing at Big W. Sure, they have a great matte finish option but I was starting to feel like my photos were a bit hit and miss. I do all my photo editing within Photoshop and was finding I needed to really pump up the brightness on all my photos as Big W tends to print them so dark! And it was tricky to gauge the right amount of brightness to add to each image.

It was becoming frustrating and I would get a batch back and while some were great, a lot weren’t so good. PLUS I wouldn’t ever run to Big W to have say one or two shots processed so I would have to do a big lot of photos at one time to make it worth the trip.

Enter this little guy!


I first read about the PictureMate on the Project Life Australia Facebook group a few months ago. The Project Life girls were raving about it and after a lot of research and deliberation and a chance visit to Officeworks for something else and spotting one on the shelf reduced in price, I decided to buy it.

And it’s been the Best. Decision. Ever.

Without a doubt, this little machine is the best! And it’s made Project Life much, much , much easier and more convenient.  I snapped up the last one at our local Officeworks for the great price of $120. It was easy to set up, works like a dream, prints out beautifully crisp and clear 4x6inch photos and I can print directly from my computer OR by inserting my camera memory card.I can also print two 3x4inch photos on the one sheet or even a 4x6inch sheet of mini photos just by setting them up in Photoshop and printing them out.

I compared the same Big W processed photo to one from the PictureMate and you could see the difference instantly. The PictureMate print was much lighter and brighter and more true to life…. the BigW print was much more dull and certainly darker in the detail of the photo.

The PictureMate comes with a toner cartridge and 20 sheets of 4x6inch photo paper to get you started. Additional ink/photo paper packs are available from Officeworks. The packs have 150 4x6inch sheets in them. The paper is glossy but not too glossy. If I had one complaint it would be that I do prefer a nice textured matte finish with my photos but the glossy paper is fine!

So yeah, I’m the first to admit that you can’t beat a professional photo lab for top quality photos BUT the PictureMate comes pretty close. Plus I don’t have a professional photo processing lab nearby. And as far as cost – yes, you will get cheaper prints at Big W and Harvey Norman and Kmart but in my opinion these PictureMate pictures are heaps better..

Plus it’s quite the crowd pleaser.. I did a demo for my family when we were at my parent’s place for lunch the other day and chose a random photo from my camera card and printed it instantly. Everyone was most impressed ..

But the main thing – I can print off photos instantly for Project Life – without having to wait or stockpile a ton of prints to ensure the trek to Big W is worthwhile AND that was the decider for me!



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5 Responses to Making Project Life so much easier!

  1. Tj @ Phunkblog 18 May 2013 at 8:28 am #

    I have a Canon Selphy (that I may actually be yet to take out of the box… oops!)
    I hope i love it as much as you love yours!
    The convenience factor is definitely what won me over. I never have time to get to a shop and the online prints generally leave me disappointed.

  2. Peta MacBeth 28 May 2013 at 9:28 am #

    Love my Picturemate too – so easy to use and convenient for my Project Life as well as traditional scrapping

  3. Marge J 25 June 2013 at 11:16 pm #

    I have a Canon Selphy as well. LOVE it, but the pics are not true 4×6…discovered this by accident while working on PL. They are a tad smaller. May have to look at the Epsons to see if it’s true to size!

  4. Wendy Morris 13 July 2013 at 11:56 pm #

    I have this same printer and LOVE LOVE LOVE. I had an older version before the one now. It saw it’s day, seriously, it was put through & through. I ordered another on Amazon in the newer version. I couldn’t think of a more crisp & QUALITY printer than the Epson Picturemate. I love it that it sits perfectly in the corner on my scrap desk and just the perfection in speed too.
    [insert, nope, I don't work for Epson or a paid hyper upper, ha!]


  5. Christine 1 September 2013 at 11:29 am #

    I have a picturemate and I love it. Yes I agree that individually the photos are more expensive, but I did my sums. When I went to have photos printed at OfficeWorks or KMart or whereever I would print A LOT of photos to make sure I could complete the task in hand. I’m tlaking up to 300 at a time. And most of these would end up in the bin. So if you work out the cost based on what ends up on the PL page, I $$$ ahead by printing with my picturemade.
    So now you know where my heart lies! :-)

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