Art Pendants – exclusive sneak peek

These are surprisingly simple to make but look great and make a wonderful gift.

Our tutorial is an excerpt from Issue 4, our January/February 2012 edition which you can buy here. It’s an exclusive sneak peek of just one of many project tutorials from the magazine.

I bought my jewellery making supplies from Dew Supplies in Melbourne, Australia. Excellent, fast service and I thoroughly recommend them…

What you need:

  • antique bronze pendant trays
  • Glass dome inserts – 1 inch
  • antique bronze ball chain 24 inch
  • patterned paper, book paper, magazine pages etc.
  • 1 inch circle punch
  • Mod Podge or crystal lacquer

one:  Gather your supplies and images from various sources – magazine pages, pretty wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, book pages etc.

two: Use one of the glass domes as a guide to check how an image will look when punched into a circle.

three: Use a 1 inch circle punch to punch out your design. Use a single design or make a teeny piece of artwork by layering various circles, text and shapes together to build up a pretty design.

four: Use Mod Podge or crystal lacquer to adhere the punched circle to the base of the pendant tray.  Apply a thin layer of glaze/ glue to the back of your glass dome and gently place it over your artwork.

five: Set aside to dry. When your piece has dried, thread onto the ball chain and your necklace is complete.

and your art pendant is done!

I gave my mum the owl pendant for Christmas and then made pendants for my sister Debbie, Capri and my niece Chelsea..

I couldn’t believe the reaction..they were all so excited about their necklaces!!! and immediately slipped them on and wore them ALL day!

With these pendants, I added some text words as well..some little positive sayings..

Hope you enjoyed our exclusive sneak peek at one of the projects inside Issue 4 of Etzcetera…a little taste of what’s to come..


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One Response to Art Pendants – exclusive sneak peek

  1. Yvette Adams 1 January 2012 at 9:33 pm #

    They’re fantastic!! I made typewriter key necklaces for Christmas presents too – very similar!

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