Announcing Issue 11

Issue 11 is finally here. It’s been a long time coming.



I felt a twinge of sadness as I pulled together this latest issue of Etzcetera Magazine because this will be our last issue for now.

It’s been an incredible ride these past two and a half years since launching Etzcetera and I’m proud of how the magazine has grown and evolved. However, since sister publication Jot, our paper crafting title, has exploded onto the scene a short time ago, and been embraced so positively not just here in Australia but around the world, things have become increasingly hectic around here.
And it became time for me to make some decisions.

I  still LOVE everything about Etzcetera and this magazine has really taught me SO much along the way about publishing and promotion and building a publication..

BUT it’s hard to ignore the growth of Jot Magazine.

I didn’t anticipate Jot would grow so fast and demand so much of my time and energy. And unfortunately, I can’t continue working at the pace I have been over the past six months, giving equal energy to both publications as well as our Jot Spot membership site and our online workshops. So with a heavy heart I have made the decision to step back from Etzcetera for now to focus all of my energy into Jot and all it offers – the Jot magazine, our membership site and online classes.

I can’t quite let go of Etzcetera though just yet – Etz is still my baby – so I intend to still publish some special issues of Etzctera from time to time.

HOWEVER – we still have our beautifully presented Issue 11 ready for viewing. Members of our Jot Spot community have already received their advance copy as part of their membership and our last batch of 12 month subscribers also received their copies late last week.

And now, dear readers, I give you our final issue (for now) – Etzcetera 11. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for the support you have given me and everything that I do and for your support for Etzcetera over the past couple of years.

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2 Responses to Announcing Issue 11

  1. Wendy Morris 18 December 2013 at 3:59 pm #

    Another AMAZING issue!
    Looking forward to 2014 with Jot Magazine! :)

  2. Carolyne 18 December 2013 at 4:04 pm #

    SO, SO proud of you and congratulations on living your dream and making it happen. xxxx

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