Announcing Issue 11

Issue 11 is finally here. It’s been a long time coming.   I felt a twinge of sadness as I pulled together this latest issue of Etzcetera Magazine because this will be our last issue for now. It’s been an incredible ride these past two and a half years since launching Etzcetera and I’m proud of how the magazine has grown and evolved. However, since sister publication Jot, our paper crafting title, has exploded onto the scene a short time ago, and been embraced so positively not just here in Australia but around the world, things have become increasingly hectic around here. And it became time for me to make [...]

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Issue 10 is Here!

Purchase Issue 10 here. Issue 10! That’s insane. I can’t believe we are up to Issue 10 here at Etz Magazine. And it’s another awesome issue filled with creative people, projects and stories. Click through to read more and to grab your copy.

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Healthy Choc Mousse

Decadent choc mousse made with avocado? Don’t tell my kids! I am a big fan of Amy Crawford on Instagram. She’s the talented lady from The Holistic Ingredient website and she shares the most delicious looking photos on her Instagram feed and always has great, nourishing and healthy food ideas. Plus she has a really cool story about her winning battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and her switch to wholesome, nourishing foods. I love stories like that. Amy has just recently launched her very first eCook Book – A Nourishing Kitchen — read more here which is packed to the rafters with goodness. The other night, I was hankering for [...]

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An update!

Well it’s been a long time between drinks here on the old Etzcetera website. My blogging has been rather, um, stalled over here! I’ve been a tad preoccupied by a mammoth project that I am living and breathing at the moment. The launch of our new sister publication, Jot Magazine. It deserved a nice big font because it IS exciting and magnificent and mammoth! We are putting the finishing touches on the magazine, doing a mountain of proof reading and tweaking and fine tuning and I must say, it’s looking mighty damn fine. I’ve been lucky to be working with some beautifully talented and generous people who have been busy [...]

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My Fave Phone Apps

It’s no secret I looove Instagram. It’s the one social media place you will find me hanging out the most. I’ve never really gotten the hang of Twitter and I find Facebook a tad confusing. But I do like the easiness and friendliness of Instagram. And photos + words = well, my favourite thing. Now, I am still no expert over there in Instagram land,  but I do use a few different photo apps that I thought I would share today. In no particular order, here’s my Top Four iPhone Photo Editing Apps — according to me 1. A Beautiful Mess Well hasn’t this little gem taken the world by [...]

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Happy Mother’s Day 2013

This was a much wanted Mother’s Day pressie. From my eldest kiddo. Along with Kath & Kim Season 1 and a pair of novelty elephant head bed socks – because let’s face it, we ALL need a pair of elephant head bed socks in our life! He chose well, although he was (strongly) encouraged to buy the book by me – it was high on my wish list! And I scored big time this Mother’s Day from the rest of the family too with more fluffy bed socks, cosy pjs, a new iphone case, Milk Bath from The Body Shop and an assortment of other goodies. Plus breakfast in bed, [...]

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Mini pockets + labels – Project Life.

I’m always after cool new ideas to try out for Project Life and paper crafting. I stumbled across this delightful blog today by Erica Hernandez. It’s jam packed with Project Life ideas, printables, craftiness and pretty pictures. I spotted this idea from Erica… to print onto label sheets. HOW COOL is that! And instantly had to try it out..I only had a few Avery labels on hand and I wanted to have a few different designs, so I chose some digital papers from Paislee Press and layered them onto an A4 page in Photoshop. If you are particular (I’m not!), you could certainly do a test print and see where [...]

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Making Project Life so much easier!

I am in love with this handy dandy little photo processing gadget. Introducing my new little Epson PictureMate. And no this isn’t a sponsored post – just a post about my new found love! I haven’t ever been totally, absolutely satisfied with the photo processing at Big W. Sure, they have a great matte finish option but I was starting to feel like my photos were a bit hit and miss. I do all my photo editing within Photoshop and was finding I needed to really pump up the brightness on all my photos as Big W tends to print them so dark! And it was tricky to gauge the [...]

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Lime Mini Cheesecakes

I’ve been experimenting in the sugar free kitchen again! This time I made these delicious morsels of loveliness. Recipe is from My Food Religion and it’s a beauty!! I used the walnut and coconut oil version for the base and left out the medjool dates as I am not a huge date fan and I made mini cheesecakes as I didn’t have any little individual pie flans like My Food Religion has used – which I must say makes the lime tarts look super cute! So mine are cheesecake “bites”. I made the raw version instead of baking them and I’ve stored them in the freezer. They make such a [...]

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Introducing our new project…

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind around here the past week or so! Because we have MEGA NEWS! It’s no secret I love Project Life. I love capturing and documenting the every day. I love that people who had strayed from creating scrapbook layouts (me include) are diving back into memory keeping with gusto in the form of Project Life/pocket style memory keeping. I love the direction memory keeping is headed. Let’s face it – most of us are already documenting life. Even in the most basic form by sending out a tweet or posting a photo to Instagram we are memory keeping. And I love that. Soooo, I [...]

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Something new. Something BIG. Something wonderful.

I have news. Big news. Exciting news. Wonderful, I can’t wait to share type news. Here’s a hint.   And it does have something to do with Project Life as some of you who follow me on Instagram and Facebook have guessed. I am not *quite* ready yet to announce. But will do in the next day or so. Fingers crossed it will be Friday afternoon to coincide with the release of this week’s newsletter. Stay tuned.  

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Project Life – it’s catch up time

I’ve stalled with Project Life. Somehow I went all gung ho for the first 3 weeks and then… Nothing. Well, half of week 4 did get done. And I AM keeping up with plenty of regular photos and jotting down notes and things which is good. I’m using the Day One app on my phone  and it’s quite handy. Most of the time I add a quick photo and then I write in shorthand. Even just one sentence or a single word will jog my memory when it comes time to do my journaling. And I am still using iCloud which means all my photos are at my finger tips [...]

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